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If you are not really familiar with cab riding, reading a guide might open a lot of doors. There are situations wherein a taxi is your one and only possibility, even if it is more expensive than a bus or train transportation. For instance, travelling to Geneva for a skiing vacation is definitely a good idea, while a taxi is sometimes the only possibility to carry your luggage and skiing equipments in one shot. Reserving a taxi early is a must, since Geneva is one of Switzerland's most populated hubs. Finding a free cab is sometimes impossible. However, it makes no difference if your taxi is reserved or hailed from the street. In the end, the basic etiquette is mandatory in any situation.


If you have five or more people with you – such as a partner and three kids, do not become too annoyed if the taxi driver refuses to take you. Taxi skitransfersGeneva are not buses. Besides, it is illegal to carry more people than the number of seats. In such an educated country, no driver will break the law only for you to save some money. Therefore, try to avoid being cheap and just hire two taxis. Think about your comfort as well. Who likes travelling with two kids in the lap and no room for the feet?


It is very important to remember that taxi skitransfersGeneva rely on drivers just like you. Just because you hire a cab, it does not mean that you are the respective driver's master. Drivers are not your slaves. Instead, they help you out. Therefore, be polite and grateful if they help you with the skiing equipments or bags. If they are too talkative, do not just shut up and watch the window. Some interesting stories can easily cheer you up, especially since taxi drivers get in touch with all kinds of people. Moreover, you may ask about the most attractive places in the area, as well as the best restaurants or clubs. Even when you do not feel like talking, do not ignore them, but nod and indulge instead. Some chit chat has never killed anyone.


Most taxi skitransfersGeneva drivers are dedicated enough to have more music genres on their CDs, only to satisfy their customers. However, if the music is not among your favourite genres, do not ask the driver to turn it completely down. If it feels too loud, gently ask to turn it down a little. After all, this is the driver's office, establishment and working place. If he feels more relaxed while playing a particular musical genre, so be it. If you ask about it, do it in a gentle and friendly manner though.


Taxi riding asks for a little education if you are not familiar with such things. Try to be as nice as you are to your hairstylist, a waiter or the seller at the store down the street. This is a service you hire, but drivers have the right to refuse you if you do not behave.

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